Our One day at the Dead Sea

Let us float, let us float, let us float

Hey guys! Lisa here and I'm going to write our short trip to the famous dead sea! Let's get it started!

On the first day we arrived in Amman we went to the Jett Bus office to book bus tickets to the Dead Sea (click here for our review on Jett bus and see if it's worth it!) The salesman at Jett Bus office told us there was no public bus to the dead sea but later during our trip we learnt from other travellers that there is a public bus service to the Dead Sea and the price is much cheaper...😒😑 oh well! Don't trust a salesman!

With our tickets in hand we hopped on the bus which arrived at the intercontinental hotel at 8:30am.

I would like to note that you can only access the Dead Sea through a hotel or the paid public beach. Both cost about the same so we purchased an entry ticket to one of Jett Bus' hotel partners, Spa Hotel, as it said it included a "lunch". 

After about 45mins into the short 1hr drive our bus made a pit stop at this souvenir shop. We're use to these kind of souvenir store pit stops with Jett Bus but this souvenir shop gave us free tea which was nice.

After our break we headed back on to the bus to the Dead Sea Spa hotel! When we arrived they dropped us off at the front entry of the hotel and we made our way straight out the back to swim in the Dead Sea.

We received passes from reception which we later hand over to the gate keeper towards the entrance of the beach (so no sneaking in here). 

There were warning signs and instructions at the beach advising us not to swim in the water. And yes, just float please. Do not get that Dead Sea water in to your eyes because it does sting ALOT. I got some in my eyes and had to find my way out of the sea half blind squinting my way to the freshwater showers to flush my eyes. It was funny at the time but it was painful.

Large sea salt rock!

one of the many signs at the beach

The water was really warm and yes it's true that you do float! It was a very relaxing float in the dead sea... On the beach we also had a basin full of mud scooped out of the Dead Sea. We lathered the stuff all over our bodies. I heard that people at the public beach would charge you 3JD for this mud so we saved some money here because it was free~~

Dead Sea day was a really relaxing day for us and there isn't much to do there. So after spending a couple of hours here we had some snacks and then headed home. 

Note: the Jett Bus salesman sold us a ticket that clearly said lunch on it but at the Dead Sea Spa Hotel the staff said that the Jett Bus deal only entitles you to a snack. So if you are thinking about buying your access ticket to the Dead Sea from Jett Bus I would not suggest buying that as I felt ripped off! 😒

Instead, I would recommend doing some spa massages or treatments while you are here, but not at the Dead Sea Spa Hotel where we were as the facilities didn't look nice. Spend more money somewhere else which can be quite expensive but when are you coming back to the Dead Sea?? 

And for transport try looking into your own transport to the dead sea rather than taking a bus. 

I feel like you can go to another hotel that would offer better services. Our hotel that we went to wasn't the best for facilities so I would not recommend going to the dead sea spa hotel (even though it's 4 stars). 

Thank you for reading and leave a comment about your experience at the dead sea!

Happy travels!

- Lisa


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