Escape room reviews for Egypt, Jordan and Turkey

Quick! We have to escape!!

Welcome to the escape room segment of our blog! Whilst in Egypt, Jordan and Turkey we managed to play 5 rooms in between visiting the sites of Great Pyramids, Petra and Istanbul's Blue Mosque. We love escape rooms and glad we got to try some while we were on this side of the world.

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Lisa: This was our first escape room in Egypt and we found this place because of the good reviews on google. For this one I felt like it was an okay room. Some of the puzzles were a bit confusing as we didn't get how it could lead you to the solution but with a couple of hints we managed to escape from Hannah's mind. Our game master was the big boss of Placebo escape room and was very passionate about bringing escape rooms to Egypt. I felt like a lot more can be done for the room but I still had a good time.

I give this room a 3 out of 5.

Sang: I remember this game master as being super passionate about his rooms. He said everything was made from scratch and nothing was bought. He also said that he really tried to incorporate the storyline into the room. My impression of the room was not super good though... It was hard for me to follow the storyline and the puzzles themselves were not so entertaining and some needed help. My most memorable moment in the room was towards the end where you had a choice to drink a vile of "poison". In general, I wouldn't suggest this room to my friends because it's not something that is worth going out of your way to do when you are in Egypt as a tourist as there are better ways to spend your time and money. If you are an enthusiast and want to experience the local escape room culture (for unique perspectives) then yes please visit here as the gamemaster told us that they have only ever played local escape games in Egypt so you may find something inspiring. As a bonus, Placebo rooms are located in an ex-pat heavy location in Cairo so by coming here you can also feel the ambience of a foreigner neighbourhood. For the room and experience itself I give this place a "global" rating of 2/5.

Lisa: This was the hardest room Hinthunt had in Egypt and we escaped! The room was nicely made and it was a mechanical room. The puzzles were hard to figure out but once you solve it, it gives you that "Ah ha" feeling. Our game master was okay for his service but because the room was good and challenging I would recommend it!

I rate this room 4 out of 5.

Sang: Yes we are in Egypt, and we know Hinthunt is a franchise but being in Egypt our room only costed an equivalent $35AUD together which is a bargain. Firstly, this Hinthunt is located in an exclusive development area for tourists in Egypt where there is a boom gate and our Uber even needed to pay an entrance fee to get in. Once inside the room we could've been hosted anywhere in the world as the inside was well built and designed. The Gamemaster lacked enthusiasm and was poor in terms of the welcoming us in and the final de-brief but was brief but he didn't affect the game much because we didn't need to ask for hints. I quite enjoyed the game it self, there were lots of unique puzzles and they were truly puzzles with items fitting together with other items. There were many items that were hidden and hidden well. There were also brain teaser puzzles. All-in-all the Zen room is very well designed and very well built. If you are an escape room enthusiast you may have already done all of Hinthunt's room but if you haven't and want a relative bargain then Egypt would be a cheap place to play. For my tourist friends in Egypt I don't think it's worth a detour as there is nothing uniquely Egypt here.

I rate this room 4 out 5

Lisa: I loved the movie "Se7en" and this room was based on the thriller movie. It was not scary at all but all the references to the movie are in this room which makes you want to watch the movie again! I thought the puzzles were good but not too challenging. The design of the room was good and we escaped! I would recommend Se7en if you like the movie and playing within movie references!

I rate this room 4 out of 5

Sang: I had to watch the movie "Se7en" after we played this game but I can say it didn't effect my fun! My most memorable moment for this room would be the secret rooms and passageways - always remember to look for hints in these passageways ;) This room was truly fun and I felt that we kept a good pace and momentum in here. In that sense it wasn't a hard hard room but hard enough to be fun. Though there was a tricky puzzle involving sound that got me stumped for a moment... We learned that Breakout is a full original Jordan escape room company with original rooms and if we lived in Jordan we'd play a few more of their games. The price of the room for both of us was about 85AUD which I think is a bit expensive relative to what's around in Jordan.

I rate the room 4 out of 5

Lisa: Wow. All automatic. Secret rooms with secret doors. Trap door that split you up. Enter with no introduction. Finale with explosion. this room was just wow. Everything was mechanical and you have no game master which is different if you're used to doing a lot of escape rooms! You have to go to an address given to you after your booking. Once you have arrived a door will open and you are greeted with just an envelope with your name on it. Read the instructions and go solve the puzzles! The puzzles were challenging and the room design really fit well with the theme! I would recommend this place if you're in Turkey!

I give this room a 5 out of 5.

Sang: After a couple of "typical" rooms completed in Egypt and Jordan in the last month this Quest room in Turkey was just amazing. It definitely ranks in the top 10% of all rooms we've done. The theming was just right from start to finish. There were no locks in the room and actually worked very well. Some parts of the room were linear and some other parts were not. The puzzles in the room fit the theme, I remember one puzzle that involved a drawer and a spinning disc that I could imagine being a real spy puzzle. At the end there is finale story that incorporates CCTV footage of us which was also quite entertaining. The ending gave us a rush too. If you are in Turkey do give this room a try as it feels like a unique experience inside!

This room is a 5 out of 5

Lisa: this room was good at executing its theme of a bank robbery. The puzzles were good, weren't too easy or hard and the adrenaline rush added a fun touch at the end! The game master was really nice and friendly! I would recommend their rooms!

I rate this room 4 out of 5.

Sang: Another good room in Turkey although I personally liked Quest's room better ;P This room was definitely fun although I would say that it is a bit on the easy side. I remember blasting through the first few puzzles as the numbers for the pad locks were on what I thought are obvious places (if you look around the room you will see the numbers). The highlight would have to be the final run, we got to a point where we thought we were all done and then loud sirens come on and you can feel the adrenaline pumping. You then find a secret passage way and then when you think you are out there is a mission impossible style suspended cable puzzle. That part was cool but took us a little long to complete so it kinda gave a climactic-wow-then-anti-climactic-this is taking too long feeling for me. I would recommend you play :)

I rate the room 4 out of 5


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