Our food guide in Egypt

Food experience in Egypt

Hi guys! Lisa here and I will be writing about our food experience detailing what we ate in Cairo and Luxor.

We arrived in Cairo on 30th of November 2019 and we were keen to try some Egyptian food so I am going to go straight into it!

Image: Typical Egyptian breakfast; Pita bread, cream cheese, tomato, cucumbers and a piece of fruit


Image: First picture in Downtown Cairo

Kushary or Kushari

We had been recommended to try "Kushary"or "Kushari" which was a traditional Egyptian dish that consisted of 2 different types of pastas (from what I can see it was macaroni pasta and spaghetti pasta), rice, beans and lentils covered in a tomato sauce topped with deep fried onion.

We googled "Koshari" and found a place that had a lot of good reviews so off we went to try this staple Egyptian dish! 

Image: The restaurant we found on Google called "بابا عبده مكرونة"

Image: The serving looked quite small but it was definitely filling.

The 2 dishes (because we don't share!) costed 20EGP and it was definitely something different than to what I had expected! The combination of the tomato sauce and the deep fried onion definitely hits the spot after a long day of walking in the Egyptian musuem in Cairo!

Egyptian Hamam Mahshi and Kofta 

Next thing we tried was an Egyptian delicacy Hamam Mahshi which is Pigeon stuffed with rice and Kofta or "Kefteh" which are skewered minced meat that is barbecued.

When we walked into the restaurant the waiter immediately asked if we wanted to order the pigeon so this place is definately the place you want to be at!

I also noticed that all the locals had a serving of what I thought was tea but when I asked the waiter he said it was pigeon soup! So I had to get that as well.

Our meal costed 220EGP for 2 servings of Pigeon, Kofta and 2 soups.

We also found this restaurant from googling for kebaab and it was called El Gomhoureya shown below:

Image: The front of the restaurant as the name was in Arabic.

Image: You know a place is good when you can see them making it fresh to order!

Image: Snapped a photo of the menu that was also in Arabic.

Image: 2 servings of the pigeon 

Image: The amazing Kofta 

Image: The pigeon soup with a squeeze of lemon hits the spot!

Image: It comes with heaps of sides too so you will definitely be stuffed!

Image: An obligatory food photo is needed for any travel!

The skin on the pigeon was perfectly crisped from the coals and the rice was seasoned very well. There isn't much meat on the pigeon so the rice made up for it to make it filling.
The Kofta...oh my the Kofta was AMAZING! The meat was perfectly cooked so the meat literally melts in your mouth!! I would definitely recommend to get the kofta at this place because it was really good!!

Little nibbles at Khan el-Khalili markets

No trip to Egypt would be complete without a visit to the Khan el-Khalili markets!

We did spend a good couple of hours here (I do admit we did get lost as this place is HUGE) so this is our experience with the food at the markets.

Image: Pics or it didn't happen!

Image: Khan el-Khalili in the evenings are beautiful.

Near the entrance to the markets we spotted a vendor who sold potato chips cooked fresh! We had to get one of those! He told us it would be 5EGP for it. As we were eagerly waiting for him to fill-up our cup, he surprising only filled it half way which made it disappointing...the chips were good but for the value it was not worth it so we walked into the markets already disappointed.

Image: Our half filled chips :(

We are getting hungrier as we got lost in the markets. So we set our sights to find the next yummiest looking food at the markets. We found a corn vendor who cooked the corn in front of you so that looked promising to us!

The price for one corn was 10EGP.

Image: The corn to rule them all

As we bit into the corn, another feeling of disappointment came over us as the corn was flavour less and had no seasoning on it 😭. So we yet again are in search for some good food in the markets.

We then walked passed another vendor who sold sweet potato which was cooked in his portable oven! He originally asked us for 20EGP but after some haggling he dropped the price down to 10EGP and threw a small potato in as well!

Image: The vendor and his portable oven

Image: The fat potato and a little one

To be honest I really liked the small potato more than the bigger one! The potato had a nice smokey flavour from the oven and it was cooked really well! So I was happy with this purchase and would come back for the little ones only!

As we wandered through the market alley ways in search for some more food we hit the jackpot with this vendor!! 

He sold shawarma for 25EGP and let me tell you it was worth it!

Image: The best place for a good feed

Image: The vendor was located in this alley! We had to snap a photo so we can get this again!

Image: Shawarma so good we got another one.

So there was 2 pastries in this wrap. The outer pastry was light and the one in the middle was a heavier one which made it filling. The vendor added a chilli sauce, a white sauce (to this day we are unsure what it was but it was damn good) and chicken with a few pickles. It was so good and we loved every moment eating it!!

So that wraps (pun intended) up our Cairo feed and now I will get straight into our food in Luxor!

For breakfast: we had it included in the stay so I did not include it in this post.


We made it to beautiful Luxor via train on 3rd of December and were keen on good food after an 11hr train ride from Cairo.

Image: Taken at the Temple of Hatshepsut

The place we also googled was called "Sofra" and read it had egyptian cuisines and also close to the train station so we had to give it a try!

Image: Inside the restaurant "Sofra".

We were unsure of what to order so we just went with our gut feeling and ordered the below:

Image: "Sambousa" which was deep fried pastries each filled with either cheese, spinach or meat and a side of "Homos Bil Tahina" which was Hummus.

Image: Fresh fruit juices made to order, I reccomended the mango juice!

Image:"Fatta Bil Moza" which was slow cooked lamb casserole with rice

Image: "Tagin Lahma Bill Kawerma" which was slow cooked veal in an Egyptian clay pot.

Image: All our food on the table.

The bill came to 355EGP which was abit pricey but the food was great so I would recommend coming here!

The next day we had a big day ahead for us as we were bike riding around the sites on the west bank (click here for more information on our bike ride!).

Image: Photo taken at Habu Temple

After our bike ride to Habu Temple we were definitely need of some food so we stopped by this cute cafe/restaurant that served breakfast for us weary bikers.

The place was called "Cafe Maratonga" and it was just outside the Habu Temple.

Image: A quiet cafe is needed after bike riding on an empty stomach!

We had ordered the big breakfast special that consists of one Spanish omelette, bread, feta cheese, a side salad and crepes. We also ordered a coffee and a hibiscus tea.

I actually enjoyed this breakfast and I would definitely come here again to try the other meals they offer! 

The meal costed 115EGP.

Image: This was a much needed breakfast! 

Image: 2 very happy people with food

Our last restaurant meal was at "Al -Sahaby Lane" and it was a memorable meal at Luxor for me as it overlooked the Luxor Temple and the Nile River.

Image: Rooftop view at Al -Sahaby Lane.

Image: Overlooking the Luxor Temple and the Nile River at sunset

Our last restaurant meal we ordered a Fateer, Seafood Tajin and Shish Kebab and all the foods came out piping hot! 

The Seafood Tajin was my favourite but in all honesty everything was good to me!

Image: Spinach and cheese Fateer which was fluff pastry filled with spinach and cheese 

Image: Seafood Tajin which was slow cooked fish and prawns in an Egyptian clay pot

Image: The beef Shish Kebab which was served over coal

Image: All our food with the servings of rice and French fries

This was the most expensive meal we had in Egypt which was 545EGP but it was really good and the views do add into it as well.

Breakfast and dinner: We had dinner and breakfast at our hostel so it was not included in this post.

Last but not least my post would not be complete without adding what I love to eat the most...Fast food.

I definitely wanted to try fast food outside of Australia and yes I got to try this at McDonald's in Luxor!

We tried the breakfast option (as the other foods are only available at 11am) which was the sausage, egg and cheese McMuffin, Spicy Chicken McMuffin, a Mcfalafel and a chocolate pie.

Image: Paper menu at McDonald's.

Image: The Sausage and Egg McMuffin which actually I think is a chicken sausage.

Image: The Spicy Chicken McMuffin which actually was spicy and good to eat!

Image: The McFalafel which was different but I wouldn't get it again.

Image: The chocolate pie which was really good and I would get this again!

Image: All our food nicely presented to us.

And there you have it, our complete blog guide on what we ate in Egypt! 

Stay tuned for the next blogposts on what we ate in other countries in the near future!

Thank you for reading and keep eating!



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