Christmas Special: Christmas market adventure in Munich, Germany.

­čÄäWhat we did at Munchen Christkindlmarkts­čÄä

Guten tag! This is a blog we are releasing earlier than our other ones just for the spirit of Christmas so here's our adventure at the famous Christmas markets in Munich.

Let's get it started!

Sang and I went to Germany specifically to visit my family for Christmas and since we are here why not visit the markets too?? 

We had a short trip to Munich and I wanted to visit the famous markets that were held in the Marienplatz square. The place was beautifully decorated with lights, tinsel and basically anything christmas related! 
This place was packed with tourists and locals. There were heaps of stalls offering different christmas decorations, food, Gl├╝hwein,  J├Ągertee and alcoholic egg nog! 
Gl├╝hwein is mulled red wine made hot with added spices, this combination makes it so good for the cold!
J├Ągertee is made with spiced black tea and a dash (in ours it tasted like alot more than a dash!) of rum.

With our stomachs empty we were looking for something to eat! We started with a pretzel and a warm J├Ągertee to wash it down.

Note: when you purchase any alcohol at the markets, the vendors will charge you an extra amount for a "deposit" on the glass/ceramic cup. The reason behind this is so if you wanted to keep the cup you can simply finish your drink and use it for another drink stall or if you did not want to keep it you can simply just return the cup to the same stall and they will give your deposit back!

 I've been to Germany before with my friends and tried their currywurst (which was sausage covered in curry sauce) so when I saw it at a stand I had to get it for Sang to try! When I bit into it the feeling of nostalgia came over for me ­čśş and Sang loved it too!

After our little taster we saw another stall that sold these things that looked like giant hash browns and had to get it! It was called the "XXL Pomme Frites" so it was basically a mega big chip! There were 3 sauces to chose from so we chose garlic sauce.

Next thing were these chocolate covered goodness which were called "Schokokuss". It tasted like a merigne mixed with marshmallow put on top of a biscuit and then smothered in chocolate. I thought it was good but Sang's not a fan of airy sticky marshmallowy things.

Next we tried "Heisse Maronen or Maroni," roasted chestnuts which were available at these German Christmas markets. It was being roasted fresh so we had to get some! Their warm sweet flavor was definitely a treat on the cold winter night we went on.

So as we strolled down the street we noticed some police telling everyone to move out for a parade to come through. When I caught a glimpse of the costume I immediately knew what it was! It was the Krampus Run costume parade and it was fun to watch!

In Central European folklore Krampus is a horned figure, described as "half-goat, half-demon",who, during the Christmas season, punishes children who have misbehaved. This is opposite with Saint Nicholas or Santa who rewards the well-behaved with gifts. 
The Krampus Run dates back 500 years to a tradition from the Alpine regions.

Another figure shown are “Klausen”. They are wrapped in furs, wear great horns on their heads and carry rods in their hands. The people crack whips and ring bells. Their aim is to drive out demons by means of their terrifying appearance – theKlausentreiben” is both a tradition and a fearsome spectacle.

After our viewing of the parade we wandered around and found another stall that offered "Rahm-Schmankerl". It was bread that was covered in cheese, bacon and spring onions. It was so good that we were going to get another one but thought we should wander around.

We then strolled around until we smelt something that was really good! We followed our noses and ended up at this stall that sold salmon cooked over a campfire. You can get the salmon in a sandwich or have it on a plate with a giant roasted potato with sour cream. We got it on a plate and Sang's says it's f**king amazing. 

So the Christmas markets are huge and Sang and I are slowly going into a food coma (and slightly tipsy from all the alcohol) so we decided to find dessert. We bought our first dessert which were sugar coated almonds from one stall and then headed to another stall we first saw back at the entrance.

We found a stall that sold these look-a-like-steamed-bread-dumplings and we had to try it! Dampfnudel is a light sweet bread that is poached in sweetened milk which gives them a nice, chewy bite with soft insides. The rich, creamy vanilla sauce that she doused over the top was so good and we added cinnamon and poppy seed. It was delicious and definitely made us full.

We wandered around some more to look at the many stalls they had for Christmas decorations and souvenirs. We then headed on home with our stomachs heavy but our soul being fulfilled.

There you have it! our Christmas special to end 2019! Thank you for reading and supporting us on our new journey! 
Be safe over the holidays and have a Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

Keep eating!

- Love, Lisa


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